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The New Immigration Office

The new immigration office sits in bureaucratic hiding towards the Free Trade Area of Masan. The short move: 300 yards down the street, seems to have invigorated the staff and instilled some efficiency. To get there, taking a bus is only around 5 minutes longer than a taxi, although a …

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The only bills I like are Murray and Withers.

Every month I receive my big fat salary deposited into my surprisingly svelte bank account but I oft feel as though the money is in and out within a few days like a new lover that promises the world and then jumps the next cross-country train once I ‘give it …

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Daum Maps 2

Part two! In the first post I explained how to search for directions, but didn’t really go into some of the many things that Daum maps can do. In this post I will cover how to search for things or services that you might find yourself needing while in Korea. …

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