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Better Know a Dong – Naeseo-Eup

So you’ve stumbled across the sleepy little Naesseo-Eup/Jung-ri/Hogye/Samgye area a little outside of Masan, either because you wanted to see what lay beyond the NC Dino’s Stadium or you’ve just started a new job and been placed out here. It’s easy to feel a little removed from the hustle and …

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Better Know a Dong – Bansong-dong.

Bansong-dong is located just northwest of downtown Changwon (Sangnam-dong). It is a wonderful place and I think most people don’t know where it is or even what is even there. It’s not really a party area like Sangnam-dong and there aren’t a lot of bars, but there are quite a …

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The Changwon Expats Facebook Group gets quite a few requests during summertime for the whereabouts of the Bukmyeon river beach so I figured I’d write up something about this place. Bukmyeon is known for its persimmons and hot springs. In a previous article, we wrote about these hot springs. Now as …

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