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Cafe Sotong

Café Sotong Do you want a delicious cup of coffee? Do you want to study Korean? Or French? Or Japanese? Why not do both at the same time? Located in Yongho-dong close to Garosoo-gil is Café Sotong or conversation café. As you descend the stairs and push open the door, …

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Better Know a Dong : Jungang

    Located adjacent to Sangnam, Jungang was the original downtown before Sangnam took over the title. Jungang houses many of the foreigner bars as well as several clubs and tall apartment buildings. Located above is an evolving map of the area. Below is a list of the maps contents, …

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Better Know a Dong – Naeseo-Eup

So you’ve stumbled across the sleepy little Naesseo-Eup/Jung-ri/Hogye/Samgye area a little outside of Masan, either because you wanted to see what lay beyond the NC Dino’s Stadium or you’ve just started a new job and been placed out here. It’s easy to feel a little removed from the hustle and …

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