Maritime Filming Set

drama-setDeep down south in the Masan countryside (Gusan myeon), on the edge of an East China Sea inlet, is a historical recreation filming set for TV dramas.

The filming set, which is a small formation of buildings, includes an iron smelting facility, a horse stable, and markets, all decorated with wares and ephemera from the Gaya period.  According to its brochure, the set is almost 10,000 square meters, and created from an April 2010 investment of nearly 40 billion won.

As one could guess, the dramas made here are of a historical nature.  Here’s a timeline and explanation of some dramas filmed here:

The set is pretty far from central Masan, and a car would be the easiest way to get there.  However, it’s possible to reach the facility via the 63, 64, or 65 bus at the Drama Set {드라마세트장} bus stop.  These buses can be picked in Masan.  Here is a naver map for where the set is located.  Unfortunately, Google’s Maps doesn’t feature the set.

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