International Money Order

The United States Seoul Embassy offers numerous services via mail. Unless you go in person, you must pay with an International Money Order made out to the US Embassy. This is not a common bank service in Changwon so here’s how to do it:

KEB and NH are the two banks that definitely do it. I went to three NH banks trying to find a money order and as it seems, the main NH branch in Changwon’s city center roundabout is the only branch that offers this service.

I showed them a photo from the official US Embassy website to show them what I needed. As it needs to be in US dollars, make sure you also say that you need to exchange money. The money order costs 5,000 won and the cost to change money cost 5,000 won. My 82 dollar money order (fees vary depending on the service) was ultimately 94,000 won (with exchange rate and fees).

The check must be made out to: “CASHIER FMC U.S EMBASSY SEOUL”.

The money order must have your name and Korean phone number on the back of the money order and it can’t be more than six months old.

Send us a question if you have any! Otherwise, happy money ordering!

Money Order

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