Gyeongnam FC

Gyeongnam FC is Changwon’s K-League soccer team.  The K-League the highest league in South Korea, and consists of 16 publicly or privately owned teams.  Gyeongnam FC is owned by the Gyeongsangnam province, and sponsored by STX Corporation and Gyeongnam Bank.  The team has existed since 2006, and in 2010, the team relocated to the newly built Changwon Football Center.  They wear red, black, and white, and often use the Rose in their marketing.  This year’s slogan is “the Wars of the Roses”.

The 2012 fall season runs from September to December.  Here is the schedule.
Times TBD (Home team v away team.)

  • Sept 15-16- Gyeongnam v Ulsan
  • Sept 22-23 -Jeonbuk v Gyeongnam
  • Sept 26th – Gyeongnam v Busan
  • Oct 6-7 – Seoul v Gyeongnam
  • Oct 18 – Suwon v Gyeongnam
  • Oct 28th – Gyeongnam v Pohang
  • Nov 3-4 – Jeju v Gyeongnam
  • Nov 7 – Busan v Gyeongnam
  • Nov 17th – Gyeongnam v Seoul
  • Nov 21st – Gyeongnam v Suwon
  • Nov 24-25 Pohang v Gyeongnam
  • Nov 28th – Gyeongam v Jeonbuk
  • Dec 2nd – Ulsan v Gyeongnam

Translated schedule courtesy of Gyeongnam F.C Facebook group.

Updates to the schedule can be found by following the Gyeongnam F.C. Facebook group.

Here is a map of Changwon Soccer Center:

“Sapa dong chu gu center ga chuseyo.” (사파동 추구 센터 가 주세요.)

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