Local Groups

Articles about local groups in Changwon:

Changwon Salsa and Bachata Dancing

  Here is information regarding Salsa and Bachata dance classes in Changwon. The class  features New York style salsa (ON2) class and is aimed towards beginners. Anyone who wants to learn how to salsa dance can take this class.   For more information please join their official Facebook page. 

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Creative Korea

If you’re an artist of some sort and looking to get more involved, you’re in luck because a social media company based on helping creative minded people has formed in Changwon! I asked Creative Korea to write up a little about their company, as you can see below. To find out …

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Community Theatre in Changwon

Calling all drama nerds! Did you know that there is a thriving expat community theatre presence in Changwon? Most recently, this past June saw the smash-hit performance of Ken Ludwig’s Leading Ladies, directed by Sunil Mahtani with technical direction by Nadia Ronan and featuring local actors Jeremy Bryan, Jordan Marett, Jake Clark, …

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Movie Makers of Changwon

This post is the first of a series looking at the people who live or lived in Changwon and create.  Specifically, this post looks at the movie makers of our city, past and present. It would be naive to claim this to be the definitive source on the topic, as certainly, there are many …

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Facebook Group Guide

When first arriving in Changwon, it can seem impossible to find other foreigners. Depending on where you live there may be weeks where you might go a few days without seeing any western faces. For this reason we have compiled the best places to go on the internet to seek …

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