Palyong Dong in Pictures

Here are some pictures to accompany Better Know a  Dong: Palyong Dong courtesy of Andrew Cheng. By hovering over the picture you will see the name of what is pictured. Use these pictures to plan your next Palyong adventure but be warned; these pictures were taken in February, 2014. We are not responsible for keeping things the same. Good luck and enjoy your adventure! Grey House Dream Pia Dream Pia 2 Buldon Barbecue Bonga Milmyeon Beautiful Store Asia Mart 2 Asia Mart 1 Wellbeing Plaza Train Station Top Mart Daiso Top Mart Bowling Starbucks Pirate Park

On your way to Palyong San (MT) and you see this? Congratulations! You are on your way!

You've arrived! Start your hike to beautiful Bongam Reservoir.

You’ve arrived! Start your hike to beautiful Bongam Reservoir.

Palyong Shopping Center Palyong Shopping Center 2 Palyong Plaza Ogada Migrant Community Center Mandu Shop Lim Jingak Kkotmareum Cafe Hyesung Building

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