Daum’s Delectable Dictionary

Daum.net is the forward-thinking search engine of Korea. Already having provided the expat community with the marvelous local.daum.net–guides for which available here and here–your intrepid correspondent found himself in somewhat of a bind viz. translation options and the limited scope of Google Translate. Step in: dic.daum.net.

This dictionary is amazing and incredibly simple to use. In Google Chrome, you’ll have to disable translate for the site, which you can do like so:

Chrome Translator Options

At the next screen, just uncheck ‘Translate Automatically.’ Otherwise you’ll be in the odd position of Google Chrome translating your translations, which is way too meta for a Friday afternoon.

Daum’s huge dic. looks a lot like this:

Daum’s Dic

And has amazing capabilities. From left-to-right: Global (gives you loads of options), English, English definitions, Korean definitions, Japanese, Chinese, Hanja (awesome) and then the little plus sign. The plus sign has a huge array of languages to choose from but the dictionaries aren’t quite as comprehensive as the English one.

Type in anything–yep–and get a definition complete with idioms, example sentences (that are actually correct) and more information on etymology that I can’t understand. It looks like this:


Use this; enjoy it.

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