Movie Theaters in Changwon

Paul Hyland, master of all things movie, gave us this gem that everyone should know. “If trying to find a website for movie listings, just link to and it will bring you immediate listings at the cinema nearest your location, and tell you if it’s in English or Korean. The movie names are in Hangeul though, but if you have a basic grasp of it you can read the movie names just fine. You can also change location to suit. Hope this helps.

Another good website for finding movie times isĀ
Click Gyeongsang Province on the left hand side and you will see movie theaters in our area. Everything is in English and you can book online with them as well.

Below is a map of all the theaters in Changwon, with directions for how to find movie times if google fails us.

View Movie Theaters in Changwon in a larger map

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